Foetal abnormalities & cannabis

Early medical research is showing a link between cannabis use and the adverse health of the children of the cannabis users.

Decreased foetal body mass similar to that experienced by cigarette smoking was detected.

Regular cannabis use before and during pregnancy was associated with a reduction in neonatal light response and an increase in startle and tremor in babies.

Babies of cannabis users had longer latencies.

By 1 year cannabis exposure via maternal breast milk was shown to have a negative effect on motor skills.

By age 3 children of cannabis users showed increase fearfulness, poorer motor skills and shorter lengths of play.

By 4 years children of cannabis users had negative verbal and memory outcomes.

(Source: Neurologist, Vol 9 2003 Pages 267-279)


Cannabis use adversely affects users and their children as well.

Other research indicates that cannabis-using fathers can inflict Turners and Downs syndrome on their children by altering the chromosomes.

Chromosome translocation has been associated with cancer.

The toxins in cannabis THC transmitted to children by parent users show that the negative medical impact is likely to have significant long-term consequences for Australia.

Cannabis users should be helped with detoxification and rehabilitation to get them drug free.