Cannabis dog food legalisation push

A new dog biscuit made from cannabis seed is part of the push for making cannabis legally available for human consumption.

The cannabis dog biscuit cannot legally have more than 50 mg per kilogram of THC.

This is the first licence to produce a cannabis food in Australia and one of the first in the world.

The proposal for cannabis seed legalised for human consumption was rejected.

(Source: Australian Newspaper 18 June 2005)


Approval of a known toxic substance like cannabis THC to be used by animals sends the wrong message that THC in low doses is acceptable.

Scientific evidence has conclusively proven that THC promotes cancer, depresses the immune system making infections more likely, increases psychosis and genetically damages users.

Producers of the cannabis seed failed to have the seed approved for human consumption but have vowed to continue the push for legalisation.

Cannabis THC has caused considerable damage to humans even though it is illegal so the damage will escalate if use becomes accepted even for pets.

Cannabis THC in food will undermine efforts to reduced the number of cannabis users and to prevent new cannabis use by children.

Cannabis users should be assisted to cease their use and to eliminate the harm from THC with detoxification and rehabilitation.