US Court Bans Cannabis as medicine

Advocates of legal cannabis suffered major defeats in recent ballots in the USA as voters in several US states rejected proposals to relax or eliminate the prohibition on smoking cannabis.

The only place to buck the trend was the District, where voters strongly backed a plan to send cannabis smokers to rehabilitation not to jail.

Voters in Arizona and South Dakota rejected measures that would have legalized production and use of cannabis in certain circumstances.

Nevada voters turned down a proposal to legalize the sale and use of cannabis.

Voters in Ohio rejected a proposal similar to the one that passed in the District, requiring courts to treat cannabis use as a health problem and not a crime.


Voters do not support softer laws against cannabis.

Cannabis is very harmful to physical & mental heath.

60% of australians believed cannabis should be illegal.

Softer cannabis laws leads to more use and harm.

Voters want cannabis users to be given rehabilitation

Voters want programs to get cannabis users drug free.