Brain Damage from cannabis

A scientific study of the effect of one exposure to low dosage THC by mice has shown changes in brain structure.

The THC seriously impeded the function and structure of both learning and memory of the brain.

The study revealed that the THC in cannabis alters cognitive functions and motivational behaviours.

(Source: Nature Neuroscience Vol 7 Number 6 June 2004)

Speakers at a recent mental illness conference in Melbourne disclosed that Australian rates of cannabis use were higher than the USA, UK and much of Europe.

The conference was told that 10 percent of users were likely to become addicted to cannabis.

Six out of ten young adults had used cannabis during their lifetime.

Cannabis use was linked to mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

(Source: National Cannabis and Mental Illness Conference)


Cannabis is the illicit drug most used by Australians.

Brain damage from cannabis use in humans has been disclosed from past scientific studies.

However cannabis use has been scientifically proven to cause cancer, depression of the human immune system, mental illness and damage to human DNA.

Widespread use of cannabis in Australia will have profound impact on the future health of our young adults.

Australia must reduce the increasing proportion of young people that are using illicit drugs by implementing detoxification and rehabilitation programs for illicit drug users to get them drug free.