The age says no to cannabis

The Melbourne Age newspaper believes that-

There is no case for the relaxing of the legal prohibition of the general use of cannabis.

The latest research shows that cannabis is not a harmless soft drug it was once thought to be.

There needs to be an eduction campaign warning of the harm of cannabis use.

Cannabis use is increasing dramatically and that Australians are more likely to use cannabis than Americans, British or Europeans.

Two out of three young Australians have tried cannabis today.

Ten per cent of users will become addicted to cannabis.

Smoking cannabis causes lung cancer.

(Source: Melbourne Age editorial 21 August 2004)


Another adverse impact on cannabis use is its effect on the suppression of the human immune system.

Other scientific studies show that cannabis use opens up other cancers, psychosis, schizophrenia and DNA changes.

Australia must reduce the number of young people that used cannabis in the last 12 months to worlds best practice of 3 per cent.

Overseas experience proves that cannabis use can be reduced by using the courts to divert users into detoxification and rehabilitation.