Cannabis harms increasing

Research overseas is proving that the increasing level of the toxic chemicals in the THC of cannabis is leading to more addiction, dependence and harm to users.

The toxins in THC have increased from about 1 percent to in excess of 10 percent today. This has caused cannabis use to become the leading cause of drug-related medical and psychiatric emergency room episodes. (Northwest Center for Health & Safety in Portland USA web site at

The US National Institute of Health has released a study on long term use of cannabis that shows cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug and its use has increased over the last 10 years. The increase in the potency of cannabis over the past decade has led to more dependence. (See their web site at

The Dutch Government that has legalised cannabis has now admitted that they have no control over and no research on the effects of the increasing level of THC in cannabis. They admit that the quality of cannabis gets worse when the cultivators use enormous quantities of pesticides and fertilisers. (See EURAD web site at


Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia.

Cannabis THC levels have increased in Australia as well as overseas.

This increase in the toxins in the THC of cannabis is leading to more harms to users.

The Medical Journal of Australia of 6 April 1992 in an article "The Human Toxicity of Marijuana" provided the scientific research that cannabis use causes cancer, leukaemia, damaged fetal development, impaired brain function, road accidents and schizophrenia.