Internet drug dangers

A recent US survey of internet websites found that the most popular sites that are accessed by young people are those that condone and promote drug use.

One in four US students use the internet to get information about illicit drugs.

The survey indicated that students that did use the internet to obtain information about illicit drugs were MORE likely to use illicit drugs.

However the information about illicit drugs on pro drug websites are highly inaccurate in the information they provide.

A group of concerned doctors published an extensive letter in the August 2001 New England Journal of Medicine about the misleading and inaccurate information on these websites.

These concerned doctors also criticized the failure of the web sites to warn about potentially lethal consequences associated with the use of illicit drugs.

Information that cannabis is now a leading factor in drug related medical and psychiatric emergencies, it seriously undermines the immune system, causes infertility, impacts on short term memory and causes cancer are notably absent from these bad web sites.

The Drug Advisory Council of Australia website has been recently upgraded to provide links with agencies that provide accurate information about illicit drugs.