Cannabis increases cancer

A new study by the University of California & Los Angeles (UCLA) has confirmed that the cannabinoids in cannabis caused an increase in tumor growth in people with lung cancer.

(Source: PubMed Services, Los Angeles Dept. of Health and Human Services 17/11/03)

The increase cancer growth was caused by the tars in cannabinoids that stimulated the cancer.

The cannabinoids also reduces the human immune systems ability to fight the cancer.

Cancer growth was also promoted by the cannabinoids changing the prostaglandin and cytokine levels in the human body.

This study confirms that it is impossible to give cannabis, THC or cannabinoids to people suffering with cancers.

Cannabis is the most used of the illicit drugs in Australia.

In 2001 28% of Australian teenagers used an illicit drug in the last year.

The Drug Advisory Council of Australia supports the reduction of illicit drug use in the last year by teenagers to 3% by 2005.

Our children deserve to be told the truth that cannabis causes cancer and suppresses the human immune system.

There should be annual national surveys of Australian teenagers to monitor illicit drug use and the results and trends reported to every Parliament in Australia.