White House targets cannabis

The US White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has written to all US prosecutors outlining the dangers of cannabis, labeling it "the greatest threat". Major facts against cannabis outlined by them are-

Cannabis changes the brain and adversely affects alertness, concentration, perception, coordination and reaction time, with 45% of reckless drivers testing positive for cannabis.

Young people who use cannabis weekly are nearly four times more likely than non-users to engage in violence.

Cannabis is a gateway drug for cocaine and heroin and IS ADDICTIVE.

60% of US teenagers undergoing drug treatment have a primary cannabis diagnosis.

Cannabis use is increasing because of the myth that it is harmless.

Modern cannabis has seven times more THC and is six times more potent than the 1970's cannabis.

The chemicals (toxins) in the cannabis THC increase the risks of cancer, lung damage and problems for pregnant women.

Cannabis is NOT a medicine and no credible evidence suggests that it is. Our (US) medical system is the best in the world, and it relies on proven scientific research, not opinions or anecdotes.

(Source: www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov)