Research proves cannabis is dangerous

Scientific research is proving that cannabis is dangerous.

A study of 1600 Australian students aged 14 and 15 confirmed that daily cannabis use was associated with a five fold increased risk of depression by age 20.

(Source: Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Melbourne)

The AMA has warned that people who regularly smoke marijuana are at greater risk of triggering a psychosis such as Schizophrenia.

(Source: Aust. Medical Association press release 13/10/2000)

A seven year study of 2000 Victorian teenagers found that cannabis is strongly associated with depression and anxiety in young women.

They found that women who used cannabis daily were six times more likely to experience depression and anxiety than non users.

The more cannabis used by the women the more depression & anxiety.

Young boys may be more at risk of psychosis than depression from the use of cannabis.

(Source: Patton, C British Medical Journal 2002 vol 325 pp1195-1198)


Cannabis is NOT safe and use should supressed.

The amount of cannabis in the community MUST be reduced.

Cannabis links with depression and mental illness ARE proven.

More young people are using cannabis now so expect more problems.