Cannabis is not good medicine

Drugs for use by humans must never be approved by political processes but ONLY by rigorous trials before human use.

The US Office of National Drug Control Policy believes medicine must be based on science rather than ideology and that effective treatments are ALREADY available for cancer, diseases and side effects.

Cannabis is illegal because of the known toxins that cause cancer of the upper airways, tongue, lungs, head, neck, mouth, larynx, upper jaw and respiratory tract. The British Lung Foundation confirmed that smoked cannabis was 50% more toxic than tobacco as a cancer-causing agent.

As cannabis suppresses the human immune system, it is highly unlikely to be a safe medicine.

Cannabis brings on cronic bronchitis, coughing, wheezing, excess sputum and other effects in the respiratory function, that make it highly unlikely as a safe medicine.

Cannabis brings on psychosis, hallucinations, paranoia, maniac depression and schizophrenia, which make it highly unlikely as a safe medicine.

Cannabis causes genetic abnormalities, which makes it highly unlikely as a safe medicine.

Cannabis has adverse affects on the brain, heart and lungs and it also impairs learning, memory, perception and judgment, which makes it highly unlikely as a safe medicine.

Claims that inhaled or eaten cannabis do not have the toxic affects of smoked cannabis are highly doubtful. In fact ingested cannabis is more likely to take in more toxins to the human body than smoked or inhaled cannabis. It is Impossible to remove the toxins from cannabis.

The US Supreme Court decided smoked cannabis "has no currently accepted medical use at all."

Recent scientific studies concluded that the adverse effects of cannabinoids outweigh their effectiveness in dealing with pain and nausea. Many patients in the medical trials withdrew because of the severe toxicity of the cannabinoids (British Medical Journal July 2001)

The Dutch government concluded after 25 years of study that the evidence is insufficient to justify the medical use of cannabis.

The US Institute of Medicine has decided that there is little use for cannabis as a medicine.

There has been many medical trials of cannabis that has highlighted the harm of the cannabinoids. This issue is NOT new.

The promotion of the medical use of cannabis is a poorly disguised step to educate the public to accept cannabis as having some good.

We do not support cannabis being normalized or given credibility.