Cannabis is not a soft drug

One in three teenagers that smoke cannabis every week becomes hooked by their early twenties.

This high risk of addiction is proof that cannabis can never be considered a soft drug.

Cannabis use is increasing in Australia.

Almost two thirds of 21 year old Australians have tried cannabis.

The Victorian Centre for Adolescent Health says cannabis is not harmless.

Drug Arm disclosed that teenagers that smoked cannabis were also at risk of having a psychotic episode.

Modern cannabis has an increased dependency factor and when users try to quit they had withdrawl syptoms according to Drug Arm.

A former cannabis user said cannabis left him paranoid, breathless, nauseous, anxious, unable to concentrate and sleep.

(Source: Queensland Sunday Mail 6 April 2003)


Cannabis is NOT safe and use should supressed.

The amount of cannabis in the community MUST be reduced.

Cannabis links with depression and mental illness ARE proven.

More young people are using cannabis now so expect more problems.