Cannabis Gateway to other drugs

A major Australia study of young people has found a clear link between early use of cannabis and progression to other illicit drugs.

The study of twins indicated that a twin who had used cannabis by age 17, was 2 to 5 times more likely to use other drugs than a co-twin that had not used cannabis.

The conclusion was that early access and use of cannabis may reduce perceived barriers against the use of other illegal drug and if this disobedient behavour is not checked, it ESCALATES.

Governments weakening laws against cannabis possession are making access extremely easy and increasing cannabis addiction.

Increased use of psychoactive and addictive drugs will have an escalation of social and health consequences for our young people.

Cannabis is now a major cause of drug related medical and psychiatric emergency room episodes.

(Source: Journal of American Medical Association 22/29 January 2003)


Cannabis use is very dangerous and leads to more mental illness.

Cannabis users need help to rehabilitate themselves and break out of the drug culture into a drug free lifestyle.