Cannabis deaths in UK

The British Medical Journal has estimated that there are 30,000 deaths from smoking cannabis in the United Kingdom each year from the 3.2 million people that smoke cannabis.

There are 120,000 deaths each year from the effects of smoking cigarettes for the 13 million cigarette smokers in the United Kingdom

As the toxins in cannabis are more potent than tobacco the death figures from cannabis are likely to be conservative.

The journal's editorial warned of a major public health risk posed from the widespread smoking of cannabis.

Young people are dying from bullous lung disease, inflamed lungs, cronic coughing, chest infections as well as the cancers well known from cannabis use.

The THC in cannabis is 4 times more likely to bring on a myocardinal infarction in cannabis smokers within just one hour of smoking.

Cannabis causes mental illness, depression, schizophrenia, heart and respiratory illnesses which can all lead to death.



Cannabis is NOT safe and use should supressed.

The amount of cannabis in the community MUST be reduced.

Cannabis toxins ARE proven to cause death.

More young people are using cannabis now so expect more problems.