Cannabis bad for aboriginals

Weaker laws against cannabis would harm the Aboriginal community.

A recent study by the Menzies School of Health Research disclosed that up to 41% of male Aboriginals and 33% of females had used cannabis within the last 12 months in Arnhem Land N.T.- the highest in Australia.

Cannabis use by remote communities has risen dramatically causing serious social and medical problems for the Aboriginals.


Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson called for an end to the permissive thinking for grog and drugs for his people that had caused injuries, neglected children and unnecessary sick people.

He said that harm minimization in reply to the grog and drug epidemic will cause the final breakdown of their social relationships and values.

(Source: Sir Charles Perkins Lecture Sydney University October 2001)

Pastors of Aboriginals believe cannabis is dangerous and weak laws will make cannabis cheaper, easier and freely available causing more drug induced anti social behavour, violence and poverty.

In the Kimberley W.A. cannabis is responsible for increasing self harm, mental illness, damaged health and dysfunctionality.

Weak laws give cannabis repectabilty that ensnare more Aboriginal children.

(Source: Bishop Saunders of Broome letter to Premier Gallop 9/4/2003)