Time magazine and cannabis

Time Magazine (4/11/02) has published articles sympathetic to the legalization (normalization, decriminalization, tolerance) of cannabis.

What harmful effects of cannabis Time Magazine did disclose?

  1. You would have to smoke 900 joints in one sitting to kill you.
  2. You can die by car accident when driving whilst stoned.
  3. Cannabis can cause serious health problems.
  4. Vascular problems increase with heavy use of cannabis.
  5. Cannabis inhibits production of immune inhibiting substances.
  6. Short-term cannabis use does raise viral loads in HIV patients.
  7. Cannabis elevated the risk of head and neck cancers.
  8. Cannabis is addictive.
  9. Long-term cannabis users had worse memories, attention spans and cognitive functioning.

What harmful effects of cannabis Time Magazine did NOT disclose?

  1. Cannabis smoking trebled the risk of developing mental illness.
  2. 90% of psychosis patients had smoked cannabis.
  3. Cannabis causes cancer of the upper airways, tongue, lungs, digestive tract, mouth, larynx, upper jaw & respiratory tract.
  4. Softer laws lead to increased use of cannabis and its effects.
  5. Cannabis causes genetic abnormalities.
  6. Cannabis users are 6 times more likely to develop schizophrenia.
  7. Using cannabis once a week doubles youth suicide rates.
  8. One third of male suicides in WA had illicit drugs in them.
  9. Babies born to cannabis users were shorter, lighter, small headed and more likely to have leukemia, impaired brain and behavior.