South Australia worst for cannabis

The South Australian Minister for Police, Robert Brokenshire, has disclosed the following facts whilst opening the Family Council of Sth. Australia drug conference in September 2001 -

  • Illegal drugs are behind one fifth of all crime in S.A.
  • Since the liberalisation of cannabis drug laws in the 1980's supply of cannabis has reached record levels in S.A.
  • Liberalisation of S.A. drug laws in the 1980's has today led to the highest useage of cannabis amoungst 15 to 19 year olds in the nation.
  • Drug use and drug trafficking has increased in S.A.
  • The S.A. Illict Drug Reporting System in S.A. in year 2000 discloses that 48.9% of injecting drug users had committed at least one criminal act in the month prior to interview.
  • The S.A. government is proposing tightening up cannabis laws on the growing of some cannabis plants.

Source: AAP 29/9/01

We must learn from the mistakes in S.A. and never normalise or legalize the use or growing of cannabis.

We must protect our young people.