Legal cannabis cultivation too risky

There are many risks to the community in governments allowing people to cultivate their own cannabis plants. These include -

  1. Increased access to cannabis by children.
  2. Sending the message that cannabis is not dangerous to health. Cannabis causes cancer, memory loss, suppression of the immune system, depression, loss of motivation, triggering of schizophrenia.
  3. Allowing cannabis users to use more with more detrimental affects.
  4. Encouraging more people to use cannabis and be addicted.
  5. Lack of control on the distribution of cannabis to others.
  6. Lack of control of the increasing toxicity of cannabis.
  7. Use of the cannabis to traffic for profit, which is a criminal offence.
  8. Encouraging expansion into other drugs eg heroin and cocaine.
  9. Encouraging more impared people causing violence, vehicle and work accidents as well as personal injuries.


Tolerant policies of harm minimization leads to more use of cannabis.

Vunerable cannabis users must be helped to rehabilitate themselves to a drug free lifestyle.

Cannabis is getting more toxic by hydraponics & genetic modification.

Parliament must reduce the numbers of people using cannabis