Cannabis must never be legalized

  1. Recent revelations in the Melbourne Herald Sun that cannabis problems are increasing in Victoria prove that legalization of cannabis use will not work.
  2. Current policies normalize the use of cannabis with the potential for many problems for the user and the community.
  3. According to Victorian Health Minister Thwaites there were 1536 people "treated" for cannabis abuse from July to September 2001 which was 50% more than the same period in 2000.
  4. Some of those "treated" were as young as 12 years of age.
  5. These "problems" relating to cannabis abuse are an indication that cannabis is very dangerous for any use not just abuse.
  6. Present policies are not working to deter cannabis use.
  7. Existing cannabis cautioning programs should be scrapped.
  8. People caught with any cannabis must be diverted into detoxification programs followed by comprehensive drug free rehabilitation.
  9. People caught with 2 grams of cannabis or more should face prosecution for trafficking.
  10. Cannabis of 2 grams can produce a traffickable quantity of 20 cannabis cigarettes.
  11. Cannabis detoxification and rehabilitation must be court ordered and supervised.