Cannabis kills in motor accident

A truck driver affected by cannabis killed 4 people in a motor accident near Cobram in October 2001.

The truck smashed into cars waiting at road works on the Murray Valley Highway.

The truck driver had a high level of THC in his blood by smoking cannabis on the day of the crash.

A doctor from the Victorian Forensic Centre told the court that large doses of cannabis would affect a person's driving ability.

Another truck driver at the crash scene told the court the cannabis affected truck driver had been speeding.

(Source: Herald Sun 21 May 2002)


Cannabis is a dangerous drug for people who drive vehicles.

Innocent people become victims by being killed or injured.

Cannabis must never be legalised or tolerated.

There are many other dangers to our community from toleration of cannabis such as increased cancer, more mental problems, drug related crime and social problems from drug affected people.

The Parliament must help people using cannabis to rehabilitate themselves to a drug free lifestyle.

The Parliament must never normalise the use of cannabis.