Cannabis devastates lives

An article in the UK Weekly Telegraph in September 2001 by a mother of a former cannabis grower and user highlights the many dangers of cannabis. Main points of the article are -

  1. Her son turned into a complete stranger due to his use of cannabis.
  2. He sold of many family articles to purchase cannabis.
  3. He became a competent thief and liar.
  4. He would not seek help whilst in his cannabis induced neuroses
  5. He stopped going out, became vague and was unable to sleep.
  6. He couldn't remember anything from his school lessons.
  7. He suffered from paranoia and flashbacks.
  8. He could not tell right from wrong.
  9. The police did not help him but ignored his behaviour.
  10. He ran up debts with violent people.

Present policies are not working to deter young people from using cannabis and its effect on families.

Existing cannabis cautioning programs should be scrapped and people caught with cannabis must be diverted into detoxification programs followed by comprehensive drug free rehabilitation.

Cannabis detoxification and rehabilitation must be court ordered.