Australian Cannabis Use

The latest information on cannabis use in Australia has recently been published and shows-

At least 5.5 million Australians aged over 14 have used cannabis at some time in their life.

Over 1.8 million Australians have used cannabis during the last year.

Nearly 300,000 Australians use cannabis every day.

During any week, 80,000 teenagers, 270,000 Australians in their twenties and 240,000 Australians in their thirties use cannabis.

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia.

(Source: Cannabis - Your Questions Answered)


Australian cannabis use is high by international standards and is FIVE TIMES HIGHER than countries like Sweden.

Cannabis drug rehabilitation to a drug free state has the benefit of removing drivers impaired by cannabis from the road and preventing health risks to users.

Australians are now being told of the risks to mental health of users.

However Australians are NOT being told of the impact of distress, panic, memory loss and impairment that puts others at risk.

Nor are they told that cannabis use impairs brain function and the human immune system opening up users to greater infections, genetic damage, cancer, premature aging and impaired fetal development.

Australia needs more cannabis detoxification and rehabilitation programs to substantially reduce demand and the number of users.