Cannabis Driving Risks

A recent study of 320 cannabis users in Sydney and Newcastle has found that cannabis use and driving motor vehicles is common practice.

More than three quarters have driven within one hour of using cannabis at least once in the previous year.

One quarter reported driving at least once a week under the influence of cannabis.

One quarter of cannabis users believed the cannabis impaired their driving.

(Source: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics)


The only sure way of reducing the risks of driving under the influence of cannabis is to rehabilitate users out of cannabis use.

Cannabis drug rehabilitation to a drug free state has the additional benefits of preventing further health risks to users.

Cannabis use impairs perception, judgment, thinking, memory and learning and so severely impairs driving ability.

Cannabis affected drivers that cause accidents kill and injure other road users so cannabis users need to be rehabilitated to a drug free state.

Random driver drug testing MUST be used to direct cannabis impaired drivers into detoxification and rehabilitation.

Australia needs more illicit drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs to reduce the demand and substantially cut the number of users.