US Rejects Medical Cannabis

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States, FDA, has rejected the use of cannabis in medicine.

The FDA believes that there are no sound scientific studies supporting the medicinal properties of the THC in cannabis.

The policy of the FDA is that drugs used for human health must be approved by scientific trials and not by political campaigns.

The FDA study centred in smoked cannabis claiming that smoking was not accepted as a method of human drug administration.

In another study on cannabis researchers in Greece have found that memory loss, reduced attention span and physical dexterity affect both long term and short-term cannabis users.

Cannabis users that had smoked four or more joints per week for at least 10 years showed the greatest deficits.

(Source: Reuters, 14 March 2006)


There may be some chemicals in the cannabis THC that can be isolated and used in human medicine but only after stringent scientific trials.

However the combined effect of the toxic chemicals in cannabis THC have consistently shown to be useless in medicine.

The recent Greek research confirms that the cannabis impact on human brain function makes cannabis use highly dangerous.

Cannabis users need assistance to stop using illicit drugs before illicit drugs bring them to mental illnesses, depression and psychosis.

Australia needs cannabis detoxification and rehabilitation programs to reduce the demand and substantially cut the number of users.