Cannabis Link to Respiratory Disorder

A recent US study has found an extensive catalog of respiratory damage associated with cannabis smoking.

Cannabis smokers have more coughing and phlegm production on most days, wheezing, acute and chronic bronchitis, airway swelling and injury as well as an impaired immune system in the lungs.

Cannabis contains at least as much tar and half again as many carcinogens as smoke from conventional tobacco.

Cannabis smokers were considerably younger than tobacco smokers.

Cannabis smokers hold their breath four times as long as tobacco smokers therefore depositing more tar and carcinogens in the lungs.

In another recently released study by the University of California cannabis smoking caused inhibition of the tumor killing activity of the immune system of the lungs.

(Source: US National Institute on Drug Abuse newsletter, volume 21, issue 1, October 2006)


Like the US studies show, Australian cannabis smokers are younger and so the health problems and increased cancer risks will cause more health problems at an earlier age.

Getting cannabis users to quit early will have a more beneficial effect on the users than quitting tobacco smoking.

Cannabis smoking is associated with many more other health risks than respiratory disorders so quitting will have other health benefits.

Early cannabis quit programs will save more health budget expenditures than tobacco quit programs so why don't we have a cannabis quit program in Australia?