Potent Cannabis

The Australian Crime Commission fears that a new form of potent cannabis is destined to hit Australia.

Canadian drug criminals have developed a sophisticated method of growing cannabis indoors all year round.

Australian police intelligence suggests that Australian drug criminals have traveled to Canada to learn how to grow this potent cannabis.

The new growing technique greatly increases the yield, potency and reduces the time required to produce a crop of marijuana.

More than 5.5 million Australians have tried cannabis.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission, Illicit Drug Data Report, 2005/6)


Cannabis is the most used illicit drug in Australia so the potential for this new potent cannabis to severely impact users is very high.

Cannabis use causes more cancer then cigarettes, so a more potent form of cannabis being available is likely to increase cancer.

Addicted cannabis users will be exposed to the higher toxins in the THC of cannabis leading to more health problems and more costs to the Australian health system.

This new potent cannabis is another reason why Australia MUST urgently and substantially reduce the number of illicit drug users.

Australian law enforcement authorities have been aware of the higher toxin forms of cannabis called Skunk, but this new potent cannabis is likely to cause even more health problems.

States and territories that allow the cultivation of marijuana plants MUST urgently reverse their laws to lessen the impact of the potent cannabis.