We were wrong to Promote Cannabis

In an extraordinary admission, a United Kingdom newspaper the Independent has admitted that its campaign to decriminalize cannabis was a mistake.

A recent article has disclosed that the link between cannabis and psychosis is now quite clear.

One in ten schizophrenics in the UK is directly linked to cannabis.

We have seriously underestimated how dangerous cannabis really is.

An article just published in the medical journal Lancet shows how cannabis is MORE dangerous than LSD and Ecstasy.

Record numbers of teenagers in the UK are requiring drug treatment as a result of smoking the highly toxic form of cannabis called Skunk with half of all treatments being teenagers.

Political leaders and scientists are also now admitting they were wrong on underestimating the dangers of cannabis.

The fact that the possession of illicit drugs like cannabis is illegal, acts as an important social restraint.

Cannabis today is more available, stronger and cheaper which adds to the dangers.

(Source: www.news.independent.co.uk published on 18 March 2007)