Cannabis dangers warning

Young people in the United Kingdom are to be given stronger warnings about the dangers of cannabis.

The Home Office will warn young people that - any one who uses cannabis could be doing so at a risk to their mental health.

The UK government downgraded cannabis in 2004 only to find mental health problems increased.

Evidence given by the National Director for Mental Health in the United Kingdom to a national council claimed that cannabis use IS A CAUSE OF SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS.

The mental health problems linked with cannabis are schizophrenia, depression and paranoia.

The number of teenagers receiving treatment for cannabis has increased 16 per cent since last year in the United Kingdom.

(Source: Daily Mail, United Kingdom, 31 March 2008)


The scientific evidence of the link between cannabis use and mental health problems is now so strong that governments are warning their young to try and prevent their health system from the effects.

Previous advice that cannabis should be avoided only by those that have a history of mental health problems has now been discarded.

In Australia cannabis is the most used illicit drug and so the mental health problems are increasing as well.

The most effective way of avoiding mental health problems from cannabis use is to discourage use and if teenagers do use cannabis to provide them with detoxification and rehabilitation to get them drug free before mental health problems occur.