Cannabis Use Penalties Increase

The United Kingdom is to increase fines for cannabis users that are caught a second time.

This follows the United Kingdom government's reversal of the weaker cannabis laws that caused an increase in the mental health cases as a result of the stronger THC in Skunk cannabis.

Police in the United Kingdom have disclosed that cannabis seizures are now much more likely to involve Skunk cannabis with the higher THC and the higher likelihood of mental problems.

(Source: - The Guardian newspaper UK, 13 October 2008)


Australia's high use of cannabis is causing the same mental health problems as those experienced in the United Kingdom.

In order to reduce the mental health problems for Australian cannabis users we need to stop cannabis users from using cannabis.

Rather than escalating penalties Australia should use its courts to direct cannabis users into detoxification and rehabilitation to get them drug free.

Early intervention requires that cannabis users be rehabilitated before the mental health problems occur.

Cannabis use causes depression, aggression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis, insanity, delirium and depersonalization.

Cannabis use is involved in fatal car accidents.

Because cannabis is mainly used by children and young adults we owe it to our future generations to assist them to stop using.