Cannabis Update

A comprehensive Australian study has just been released on cannabis.

The study highlights the increased potency of modern cannabis and its increased harms.

Cannabis is a gateway drug to other illicit drug use.

Cannabis is addictive and is difficult to rehabilitate causing relapse.

The study identifies the harms of cannabis use including psychosis, brain damage, cancer, cardiovascular damage and suppression of the human immune system causing increased illnesses.

Prenatal cannabis damage leaves babies with lifetime health problems.

Cannabis use can lead to suicide.

The study includes 15 full pages of scientific papers and recommends-

  • The need for comprehensive preventative drug education.
  • Truthful and comprehensive media campaigns on the extensive harms of cannabis.
  • Police blitzes to identify cannabis users.
  • Treatment to strongly discourage cannabis use.
  • The implementation of a cannabis QUIT campaign.
  • Stronger penalties for cannabis trafficking to children.
  • A national schools kit on the harms of cannabis on young bodies.
  • Implementation of a multi-faceted approach to cannabis use by aboriginal communities.
  • Implementation of drug testing in schools.

(Source: Cannabis - Suicide, Schizophrenia and Other Ill Effects can be downloaded from Drug Free Australia at