Toxic Cannabis

A recent review of medical evidence about cannabis has confirmed its toxic impact on the human body.

Cannabis use is associated with psychiatric, respiratory, cardiovascular, bone and cancer conditions.

Major long term psychiatric conditions caused by cannabis include depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar disorder and lack of motivation.

Respiratory conditions linked with cannabis include lung density, lung cysts and chronic bronchitis.

Eight types of cancer have been linked to cannabis use including cancer in babies that were exposed in the womb.

Reduced bone density and inhibition of bone marrow is also linked to cannabis use.

Cannabis use is also linked to heart conditions like hypertension, heart attack and disease.

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime estimates that there are 165 million users of cannabis worldwide.

(Source: Chronic Toxicology of Cannabis, Clinical Toxicology, Vol 47, June 2009)


This review study written in Australia is a clear summary of the 5198 medical papers outlining the toxic effects of cannabis use.

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia and the widespread identified medical harms to cannabis users can be prevented by early intervention programs.

Australia must reduce the demand for cannabis by getting our cannabis users off drugs by court ordered detoxification and rehabilitation.