Cannabis Tougher Laws

Western Australia is to introduce tougher laws against cannabis.

The legal personal possession limit will reduce from 30 grams to 10 grams.

The sale of all smoking equipment will be banned.

Selling a cannabis smoking implement to a minor will incur a $10,000 fine.

Anyone caught with a small amount of cannabis will have to undergo counseling and not offend again for three years to clear their criminal record.

The government and medical authorities admit that cannabis today is far more potent and lethal than the cannabis of the 1960s or 1970s.

Almost 80 per cent of admissions to psychiatric hospitals are drug related.

(Source: The Australian newspaper, 11 October 2009)


These proposed new laws are aimed at reducing the usage of cannabis.

The laws confirm the medical proven harms of cannabis.

Cannabis users should be diverted into court ordered and supervised detoxification and rehabilitation programs that remove the harms.

By reducing demand for cannabis the number of users should reduce and the admissions to mental hospitals should also reduce.

Compulsory detoxification and rehabilitation will help children to keep away from cannabis by sending a clear message of the damage of cannabis use.