Cannabis Causes Psychosis in Healthy People

The latest scientific research shows that high THC cannabis called skunk can cause healthy people to develop psychotic illness.

The effects of this cannabis are to leave users with hallucinations, delusions and cognitive impairment.

The potency of the cannabis increased from 6 per cent THC to 14 per cent usually by growing the cannabis using hydroponics.

The study involved taking healthy men and injecting some with the high THC and others with a dummy which established the link.

The high THC content skunk is the norm in cannabis use today.

Similar research has now been concluded in the UK, USA, Holland and Brazil.

(Source: Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London, July 2009)


Anyone who is healthy can become psychotic by smoking cannabis even if they don't already have a mental illness.

However other recent studies have shown cannabis link to cancer, respiratory, heart and bone conditions.

The mental health effects of any cannabis use are real and significant to the user, their family, health authorities and the community as a whole.

The Australian Crime Commission has consistently warned Australian authorities of the prevalence of cannabis grown by hydroponics.

Australia must reduce demand for cannabis by getting our users off drugs by court ordered and supervised detoxification & rehabilitation.