Cannabis Addiction Increasing

A 2004 study in the American Medical Association Journal suggested that stronger cannabis is contributing to higher addiction rates.

Increased THC means that cannabis today is five times more potent than cannabis used in the 1970's.

One in every six people seeking drug treatment was addicted to cannabis in 2007 compared to one in eight seeking treatment ten years earlier.

Almost six out of ten people seeking treatment for cannabis addiction were ordered to do so by law enforcement.

Addiction rates for cannabis were similar to addiction rates for cocaine.

Cannabis induced psychosis is contributing to more medical emergencies at hospitals.

(Source: New York Times, 19 July 2009)


This U.S. information shows that, like Australia, cannabis addiction is more dangerous because of the higher toxins from different methods of growing that are more popular today.

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia.

Cannabis use is more dangerous to teenagers whose brains are still developing.

Cannabis use is starting at an earlier age so the damage and harms are likely to be more profound and lead to addiction.

As is the case overseas cannabis policy should help cannabis users to quit by placing identified users into court ordered and supervised detoxification and rehabilitation which most drug users want.