Cannabis Harm to Teenage Brains

The debate about the effect of cannabis on the developing teenage brain on the internet was highlighted in an article published at

The harm to the developing adolescent brain, the cannabis impact, the increasing toxicity and the damage of continuing use are all clearly acknowledged.

So is the fact that continuing cannabis use is a gateway to other drug use.

(Source: Teenage brains and the Harm of Cannabis, Moynihan C, at


This article highlights why cannabis must remain an illicit and illegal drug and be separated from other legal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs.

The adolescent brain is highly impacted by cannabis at a time when brain development is continuing and when short term memory suppression makes teenagers unable to learn or act purposely.

Cannabis use causes cognitive impairment, car crashes, respiratory disease, depression, suicide, cancer and psychosis.

Australia needs to reduce the number of teenage cannabis users in order to prevent these impacts in our community.

World's best practice has shown that to prevent drug use in teenagers leads to illicit drug abstinence later in adulthood.

The teenage years are the most opportune time to educate them on the illegal status, health risks and damage that are involved.