Cannabis Easy to Obtain

The latest report from the Australian Crime Commission discloses that cannabis cultivation and distribution is large scale, diverse and entrenched.

Cannabis is readily available and still the most widely used illicit drug in Australia.

Criminal involvement with cannabis involves individuals and groups operating at various levels of sophistication and capacity.

Cannabis demand is likely to remain stable over the next two years.

The Crime Commission advises that cannabis use has a widespread impact on individuals and the general community.

(Source: Organized Crime in Australia {Unclassified report} from Australian Crime Commission released 15 April 2011)


Australia’s high demand for cannabis makes it profitable for criminal involvement.

A key way to block money going to criminals involved in the cannabis market is to reduce the number of users in the community.

Compulsory diversion of identified cannabis users into detoxification and rehabilitation is world’s best practice to reduce demand.

Medical research has confirmed that cannabis use causes cancer, psychosis, depression, brain damage, schizophrenia, increased infection, suppression of the immune system and addiction to users.

As well, cannabis use is associated with road trauma and work injuries for users and non users harmed by road and work accidents.