Cannabis Easy To Get

Cannabis is readily available to Australians with 94 per cent of users claiming it’s easy to get.

One in three Australians admit to ever having used cannabis.

One in ten Australians over 14 years used cannabis recently with increases in all age groups.

As a result, Australian cannabis seizures and arrests are the highest reported in the last decade.

Imports of cannabis into Australia are mainly by mail from Canada and the Netherlands with Queensland as the largest destination.

(Source: Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report 2010-11)


Australia is a key market for cannabis with seeds for local cultivation.

Using state of the art cultivation cannabis is now produced with higher toxins that are scientifically proven to induce mental health problems.

With one in ten Australians regularly using higher toxin cannabis we can expect more psychosis, depression, anxiety, learning deficiencies, memory loss, impaired motor functions and vehicle accidents.

Rather than trying to stop cannabis supply with record border seizures, major efforts are now needed to reduce the demand.

The clear evidence is that cannabis use leads to other illicit drugs.

Reducing the number of cannabis users is cost effective by health savings, fewer accidents, policing savings and better citizens.

As Australian cannabis users are detected they need to be diverted into rehabilitation to get them free of drug use.