Cannabis Driving Impairment

A major debate in the U.S.A. has erupted around how drivers are impaired by the THC in cannabis.

The Institute for Behavior and Health research shows that there is terrible carnage on the roads from cannabis use.

The research is showing that driving after smoking cannabis almost doubles the risk of being in a serious or fatal crash.

But there are no reliable tests either for saliva, blood or urine that are available to determine driving impairment from cannabis use.

Cannabis causes dizziness, slowed reaction time, drifting and swerving for impaired drivers.

In the U.S.A. the percentage of seriously wounded drivers who later tested for drug use increased by 18 per cent between 2005 and 2011.

Research by Colombia University showed that cannabis is often used with other drugs which compound the impairment.

There is no safe level of THC for driving.

(Source: Huff Post Denver online news, 25 March 2012 )


This United States experience shows that cannabis use and impaired driving are becoming an increasing problem.

Like the U.S.A., cannabis is the most widely used drug in Australia.

Likewise our drug impaired driving is causing motor accidents and the related trauma.

Drug impaired drivers should be diverted into detoxification and then rehabilitation to reduce our road trauma.