Cannabis Toxins Dangerous

The Dutch government has admitted that modern cannabis with its higher THC is as dangerous as heroin and cocaine.

The Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten informed the Dutch Parliament that cannabis with a THC level of over 15 per cent will be classified as a class A drug and banned like heroin and cocaine.

Pro cannabis voices claim that cannabis users do not want "weak weed".

(Source: United Press International 20 November 2012)


Natural cannabis is more toxic by the use of hybridized strains and hydroponic methods of cultivation which leads to more harms and increasing addiction.

The Dutch have succumbed to the massive scientific evidence that cannabis use leads to brain damage, mental health problems like psychosis, cancer and respiratory illnesses.

As has now been admitted cannabis users need higher doses of THC to get them high as their addiction progresses.

However, in order for Australia to learn from this evidence there needs to be more help given to cannabis users to get them off their use.

Critical to this lesson is Australia’s obligation to reduce the number and extent of cannabis use before it overloads the nation’s health and mental health facilities.

By diverting any identified cannabis users into drug rehabilitation to get them clean of drugs we learn from the mistakes of other countries like the Netherlands who have admitted their policy mistakes.