Cannabis Potency Increases Addiction

Increased potency of cannabis has caused an increase in cannabis addiction rates.

Since 1992 the THC in cannabis has increased sharply.

It is now common for cannabis users to be treated for addiction.

Today’s cannabis is very different from that produced in the 1970’s.

The increase in addiction rates in cannabis users is due to the more potent hybridized cannabis strains.

The cannabis addiction rate increase is particularly severe in adolescents.

(Source: Trinity County Behavioral Health Services third series paper 17 February 2012)


This report from mental health service providers indicates that with more toxins in the THC in cannabis addiction can be predicted.

It dispels the myth that cannabis is not addictive.

Mental health services are being presented with many more clients that are addicted to cannabis.

Young adolescents are impacted by the use of the higher potency cannabis and the higher addiction rates.

In order to avoid the scientifically proven mental health harms of cannabis use, teenagers and adolescents need to be warned of the harms of using cannabis.

Those already addicted need drug rehabilitation to get them clean of their addiction before psychosis and health problems develop.