Cannabis Is Bad Medicine

An anonymous survey conducted by Curtin University in Perth of 250 cannabis growers claim that most use the cannabis as a medicine.

(Source: National Drug Research Institute 19 November 2012)

However health professionals in Arkansas in the USA have outlined the serious health risks of cannabis as a medicine.

Cannabis use causes cancer, lung damage, breathing difficulties and no medicine is ever smoked.

There are plenty of scientifically tested pharmaceuticals that are better for pain relief and appetite stimulation which do not lead to addiction.

There are no clinical trials that show that cannabis is better.

(Source: Jonesboro Sun newspaper 31 October 2012)


Natural cannabis is becoming more toxic by the use of hybridized strains and hydroponic methods of cultivation which leads to more health harms and increasing addiction.

For people with existing health problems, using cannabis which suppresses the human immune system, can lead to medical complications.

As the stronger THC in cannabis has more cancer causing carcinogens it is likely to lead to worsening symptoms for people with any cancer.

Surveys of cannabis users need to be based on scientific evidence rather on what users think.

Medical evidence and thorough clinical trials are critical before any notice can be taken of surveys of users who do not have the truth of the harms.