Cannabis Adolescent Harms

Cannabis use in adolescence can have harmful effects on neuropsychological functioning

A team of researchers from New Zealand, the UK and USA in a Dunedin study found that adolescents who started using cannabis had a deficit in their IQ when in adulthood.

IQ results of the same persistent cannabis users at age 13 were lower at age 38.

(Source: The Independent, UK 28 August 2012)


This New Zealand study confirms other research on the long term harms of early cannabis use.

Continuous cannabis use can cause permanent brain deficiency and memory loss.

There is no research that points to this damage being able to be reversed later in life.

Adolescents that are already using cannabis need drug rehabilitation to get them free of the damage.

Adolescents that have not commenced cannabis use need accurate information on the long term harms of cannabis to dissuade them from ever commencing.

Those currently advocating legalizing cannabis must recognize these harms and accept the scientific research that opposes any expansion of cannabis use.

Cannabis use causes risks to the wider community by putting more drugged drivers on the road therefore it can never be considered a health issue.