Cannabis Risks

Psychiatrists in the USA have outlined the harm of cannabis use-

One in ten users becoming dependent and higher dependency with more use

More use with any social acceptability

Stronger toxins in cannabis causing more health problems

Aggravation of schizophrenia and other health problems

More traffic accidents

Teenager use leading to brain damage

Withdrawal difficulties for addicted users with high relapse rates

(Source: American Journal of Psychiatry 6 June 2012 commentary)


In Australia cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug, accordingly the risks to users are high.

Drugged driving has a higher impact on non-users involved in vehicle collisions with drug impaired drivers.

Cannabis is a gateway drug to other illicit drug use so the health and dependence impacts to users will compound.

Teenager users risk brain damage by using cannabis whilst their brains are not fully developed.

Legalized or medicalized cannabis acceptance will lead to a substantial increase in the number of users and the costs to the community.

Australia needs to substantially reduce the number of cannabis users.

Diversion into drug rehabilitation to reduce the number of cannabis users is the only way to help the addicts break their habit.

Drug rehabilitation must be timely and effective in getting cannabis users to quit permanently and saving the community the increased trauma.