Cannabis Causes Brain Damage

An Australian scientific study using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has shown brain damage in long term cannabis users.

The brain damage involved memory impairment, concentration and learning deficiencies.

The study looked at cannabis users that had been using cannabis for 15 years and compared the MRI images with those of non-users.

Some users started using cannabis as early as 10 years of age and were more seriously affected.

(Source: Australian Associated Press medical report, 10 August 2012)


This latest research adds to previous evidence that brain damage to the hippocampus area of the brain occurred in heavy cannabis users.

The earlier that people developed their cannabis addiction the worse the brain damage.

As well with stronger THC toxins in modern cannabis then there is likelihood of more extensive brain damage.

With children as young as 10 commencing using cannabis there is a likelyhood that the brain damage will be more extensive.

As well children’s brains do not mature until their mid-twenties so the brain damage from early cannabis use is more likely.

This evidence needs to be taught to children before they commence any drug use to dissuade them from never starting.

Early intervention programs aimed at stopping all drug use are essential to protect these cannabis users from the damaged brains.