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Cannabis Addiction

A major medical conference has labeled cannabis as a dangerous and addictive drug that is not fit for use as a medicine.

All medicines for human consumption need to be tested for risks, benefits, dosage and timing of use.

Cannabis is unstable and unpredictable and would never pass the standards of other prescription drugs.

Medications require specific dosage, oversight by a doctor and renewal of prescription which cannabis cannot provide.

As well smoking cannabis exposes the smoker to cancer causing carcinogens.

(Source: 44th Annual Medical Scientific conference, American Society of Addiction Medicine 29 April 2013)


Cannabis is being touted in Australia as a possible medicine which it can never be.

Medicines in Australia need to undergo strenuous scientific tests to ensure they are safe which cannabis will never be.

Cannabis use has been proven to cause psychosis, schizophrenia, cancer and a depressed immune system which makes it never safe.

Cannabis is the most common illicit drug causing addiction in Australia so it will never be useful in medicine.

Australian authorities need to ensure strict medical testing for medicines and never allow cannabis to be available for any use.

Australia Targeted For Cannabis

Cannabis remains the most prevalent illicit drug used in our region which is amongst the highest in the world.

Australia ranked as the region’s largest market for cannabis.

In 2010/11 cannabis seizures accounted for 72 per cent of illicit drug seizures in Australia.

Over 50,000 cannabis seizures were made in Australia which is a record.

Cannabis is the illicit drug of choice in Australia.

(Source: International Narcotics Control Board report released 5 March 2013)


Cannabis is the illicit drug of choice in Australia because of a wrong perception that is less harmful than other illicit drugs.

However the scientifically proven harms of cannabis use are increasing with more studies from overseas.

The toxins in cannabis today are stronger than at any time in the past due to improved strains of plants and cultivation.

That a record 50,000 seizures of cannabis in one year is proof positive that cannabis demand is still strong.

An increasing number of Australians are being diagnosed with mental illnesses from cannabis use which is straining our health resources.

NOW - there needs to be a system of enforced rehabilitation for identified cannabis users in order to protect the users and the wider community.

Amphetamine Use High

The rates of amphetamine abuse and manufacture are amongst the highest in the world a trend which is particularly documented in Australia.

The domestic manufacture in Australia is widespread.

After cannabis, amphetamine arrests were second highest of all illicit drug arrests in Australia.

Australian criminal groups have developed innovating ways to adapt the manufacture of amphetamines.

Australians in their twenties had the highest prevalence rate of amphetamine abuse.

(Source: International Narcotics Control Board report released 5 March 2013)


Amphetamine (speed) manufacture in Australia is controlled by criminal groups who are responding to the demand.

Laboratories are being detected all over Australia.

Their use causes addiction like other illicit drugs and unpredictable violence, aggression and paranoia makes users dangerous to health workers who attempt to assist them.

Brain and immune system damage, heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and even death are the risks users take.

Of particular concern is that users are most likely to be young.

Amphetamine users are particularly likely to be in need of drug rehabilitation to get them free of their use and save others from their violence.

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