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Cannabis In USA Opposed

The International Narcotics Control Board has warned the USA that states that allow the use of cannabis will breach the international treaties that the USA has signed.

The Board is charged with monitoring the compliance with all international conventions on narcotic drugs.

Cannabis poses a great threat to public health particularly with the stronger and more dangerous modern cannabis strains.

The Board has requested the federal government of the United States to oppose cannabis use in any state that contravenes its international obligations.

(Source: International Narcotics Control Board 15 November 2012 at


Australian federal, state and territory governments are also bound by the same international conventions as the USA.

The purpose of the drug conventions is to reduce demand for illicit drugs like cannabis so as to cut off funds to the international drug criminals.

But by reducing the number of cannabis users, governments benefit from reduced health costs, better border protection and a safer community from drug impaired accidents.

As well, the mental health problems of Australians will improve as less psychosis from cannabis use reduces with the reduction of users.

Cannabis users need rehabilitation to get them free of their addiction and this is what international drug conventions are designed to achieve.

Cannabis Destroys The Brain

Cannabis destroys the brain and expedites psychosis according to former US congressman Patrick Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy is part of the family of the late U.S. President and is a passionate advocate against mental illness.

He believes that cannabis is as destructive as alcohol and tobacco and is a gateway drug to other illicit drugs.

The weight of evidence against cannabis is overwhelming and is a very dangerous drug.

Cannabis is addictive and he advocates prevention and treatment for users.

(Source: the Washington Post newspaper 9 January 2013)


This statement from another high profile world leader is important for Australia as there are calls for legal cannabis.

The New South Wales parliament is currently reviewing the use of cannabis as a medicine.

Australia was recently targeted for drug legalization with calls for easier laws against illicit drugs.

Any weakening of laws in Australia would lead to more use of cannabis with more mental illness and health harms.

Medical research, as Patrick Kennedy states, is overwhelming in the link between cannabis use and psychosis, schizophrenia, mental, brain, heart and respiratory illness.

Drug rehabilitation needs to be offered to all identified cannabis users.

Cannabis Crackdown Urged

The United Nations body that monitors the trafficking of international illicit drugs has told the USA to crackdown on cannabis use.

The International Narcotics Control Board states that letting people smoke cannabis for recreational purposes violates the U.N. single convention on narcotic drugs of 1961.

Countries that have signed the convention have a legal obligation to ensure the treaties are upheld across the country.

(Source: Reuters 14 March 2013)


These legal obligations bind all federal, state and territory governments in Australia to also crack down on cannabis use.

All Australian governments are bound to reduce the use of cannabis for any purposes particularly where proposals are being promoted like in Australia that cannabis is a medicine.

Cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug in Australia.

The myth that cannabis is less harmful than other drugs has now been debunked by medical research that proves that brain damage, mental illness and psychosis are caused by cannabis.

Why would you allow cannabis that causes cancer to be given to a person with cancer?

Why would you allow cannabis that suppresses the human immune system to be given to sick Australians?

World’s best practice uses the courts to divert cannabis users into drug rehabilitation before any cannabis addiction, mental and physical health is impacted.

Cannabis And Youth Violence

The link between cannabis use and youth violence is increasingly being noted in the USA.

Recent crimes of massacres and shootings are noticing that the young perpetrators have been long time cannabis users.

As well, with modern cannabis having stronger toxins and earlier cannabis use affecting the immature brain there are calls for this link to be studied.

Source: 30 April 2013)


The medical evidence linking cannabis use with psychosis is well known.

Australian scientific resources link cannabis use with anxiety, agitation, aggression and paranoia.

As well, evidence of schizophrenia caused by cannabis use and damage to the human brain could be linked to violence.

Australian cannabis with its higher levels of toxins is leading to greater addiction.

Medical, hospital and ambulance personnel are now calling for more protection for them from violent drug addicted patients.

Rather than employing more security in Australia public hospitals to protect personnel, violent drug addicted patients should be diverted into drug rehabilitation to get them free of their drug use.

World’s best practice uses the courts to divert cannabis users into drug rehabilitation before any cannabis addiction, mental health and physical violence becomes endemic.

Cannabis Affects The Adolescent Brain

Cannabis users who start smoking the drug as adolescents show an irreparable decline in IQ.

This decline in the adolescent IQ is greater with more persistent use of cannabis.

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to develop cognitive impairment from cannabis use because of the severe neurotoxic effects on the adolescent brain.

This study was presented at the 14th International Congress on Schizophrenia Research in April 2013 and is based on a New Zealand study.

Cannabis use studies are showing more and more damage to users particularly those that start in their teens.

The USA is leading the world with research linking cannabis use with permanent health damage.

The reason why the USA is undertaking medical research on cannabis is that there is a push to make cannabis a medicine.

Like in the U.S.A., Australians are commencing cannabis use earlier in their teens so the brain impacts will be evident here.

Like in the U.S.A., there is a push to legalize cannabis use as a medicine in Australia.

Normalized cannabis use is proven to increase the use of cannabis in the general population by sending out the message that cannabis is safe- which it is not.

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