DACA Membership

is a peak body for organisations and individuals who seek to be proactive in addressing the seriousness of the Australian drug use problem. Joining this growing body adds your voice and influence to urgent and sustained efforts to educate, restrict, proscribe and treat illicit drug use.
Membership is open to organisations and individuals who focus priority on the promotion of demand reduction and recovery strategies/platforms.
The small membership fee ($50 per annum for Individuals and $200 (PA) for Organisations) entitles you to:

  1. Become a voting member
  2. Provides a peak body platform for promotion of research/programs/work in your Demand Reduction, Harm Prevention and/or Recovery field
  3. Enables a vehicle for support in advocacy for the Demand Reduction, Harm Prevention and Recovery priorities.
  4. Assists in maintenance of administration of the peak body.

Membership Cost:


$200.00 (PA) Organisations

$50.00 (PA) Individual

$80.00 (PA) Couples


Concession Rate (Students/Pensioners) $20 (PA)

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Frequently Asked Questions of Why We Are Opposed to Weed!

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More detoxification & rehabilitation that gets illicit drug users drug free.
Court ordered and supervised detoxification & rehabilitation.
Less illicit drug users, drug pushers and drug related crimes.

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