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Heroin Used In Mass Murders

Heroin Used In Mass Murders

Convicted UK mass murderer Dr. Christopher Shipman used an overdose of heroin when he killed most of his patients.

Shipman is believed to have killed up to 260 patients and is the UK’s largest mass murderer.

Heroin was used for the killings because it was effective as a killing drug and as a medical doctor Shipman knew of the effects of heroin in bringing about death.

Shipman himself was addicted to Pethidine a form of heroin.

(Source: Melbourne Herald Sun 15/1/2004)


Heroin is a highly dangerous illicit drug that is proven to kill users.

Providing injecting rooms, syringes and heroin maintenance programs using harm minimisation leads to more heroin deaths.

Reducing demand for drugs also reduces drug money going to international criminals and terrorists that control the heroin trade.

All Australian governments must provide detoxification and rehabilitation to illicit drug users to get them off drugs because it is the only proven way of preventing deaths.

The use of illicit drugs in the last year by teenagers must be reduced from the present 28% to world’s best practice of 3% by 2005.

There must be an annual national survey of Australian teenagers illicit drug use and the results and trends reported to every Parliament.