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Drug Culture Can be Changed

Drug Culture Can be Changed

A recent study has found that life skills training early intervention programs can be cost effective in turning off youths from using ICE (methamphetamines).

The skills training program aimed at parents and schools were assessed to return ten times the cost of the program.

The longitudinal study of 667 families looked at prevention of use of ICE and alcohol and has the potential to save enormous sums of money in preventative health and community costs.

(Source: Iowa State University Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute paper at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime/World Health Organization conference in Vienna Austria December 2008).


Australia NEEDS effective early intervention illicit drug resistance programs to avoid the trauma and costs of dealing with the early drug use influenced by our culture.

We need to use world’s best practice in early intervention life skills training to prevent illicit drug use promoted by the culture.

ICE (methamphetamines) is a significant problem in Australia.

ICE causes permanent brain damage, violence, aggression, paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis and irrational behavior and other mental illness.

The way forward is to provide Australian children with the ability to resist drug pressure at a young age so they will not use illicit drugs.

These studies show that resistance is ten times more effective than rehabilitation of ICE users.