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Cocaine Organised Crime

Cocaine Organised Crime

The latest report from the Australian Crime Commission discloses that organized criminals are behind the cocaine supply to Australia.

In Australia cocaine use and arrest rates are at historically high levels.

Cocaine is increasingly available throughout Australia.

The harm from cocaine use is significant to our community.

The cocaine market is likely to increase in the short to medium term in Australia.

The international criminals behind the trafficking of cocaine to Australia are profitable, powerful, sophisticated and supported by state of the art technology and advisors.

The cocaine supply routes via West Africa to Australia remain a problem.

(Source: Organized Crime in Australia {Unclassified report} from Australian Crime Commission released 15 April 2011)


This report highlights the increasing risk to Australia from our high demand for cocaine.

Cocaine use in Australia can NEVER be treated as a health issue as the increasing impact involves great personal, social, legal, border protection and law enforcement costs.

Drug rehabilitation programs need to be substantially increased to reduce the demand for cocaine to cut off the funds to organized crime.

Without a major reduction in cocaine use in Australia from compulsory diversion of users into detoxification and rehabilitation the cocaine problem and its costs will increase.